Extinct: Means there are no more of that particular species.

Critically Endangered: Means that the species is facing a very high risk of becoming extinct very soon.

Endangered: Means a species is in danger of becoming extinct.

Vulnerable: Means that the species is not yet classified as endangered, but the species numbers are still dropping.

Decline: Reduce in numbers.

Deforestation: Cutting down trees.

Drought: A long period where there is no rainfall.

Habitat: The natural home of an animals, bird or plant.

Poacher: A person who hunts illegally.

Habitat Destruction: Land clearing for agriculture or housing.

Introduced Species: Species that are let into the environments that are not their natural habitat.

Pollution: Occurs when people put out substances or energy into the environment and it effects the environment.

Ecosystems: Communties of organisms interacting with one another and with  the environment in which they live. 



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