The Australian Sea Lions is not considered a fish, but as a marine mammal. The Australian Sea Lion is only found in Australian waters. It is one of the most endangered seals in the world.

Australian Sea Lions are great swimmers, they are able to dive and swim in very deep water. They can also swim in extremely cold water, they are also able to hold their breath for quite a long time. Australian Sea Lions have to come to the surface to breath after awhile because they are not fish, so if they dont get to the surface they will drown.

HABITAT:                                                                                                                                                                        The Australian Sea Lion’s habitat is beaches and waters along the southern coastline of Australia, the north coast of Tasmania and in Bass Strait. They also can come on land, they forelimbs and hindlimbs are used to help them walk on the sandy beaches.  Sandy beaches are the preferred places for the Australian Sealion to come ashore. However, it is in the rocky areas where breeding occurs. The sealion has a layer of fur, fat and blubber which enables it to cope with cold waters.

DIET:                                                                                                                                                                              The Australian Sea Lion diet consists mainly of fish and squid. They also eat other sea creatures. The sea lion uses its speed as an advantage, speed helps the sea lion to catch its prey easily. When the sea lion catches its prey it is quickly eatan the sea lion doesn’t chew its food, it just swallows it whole.

APPEARANCE:                                                                                                                                                                  The female Australian Sea lions are silver in colour with light cream down their sides. The males are not silver they are chocolate brown with cream down their sides. They have flippers to help them swim through the water, a very thick neck and powerful shoulders.The australian sea lion also has a streamlined body like a torpedo, this particular body shape helps the sea lion to glide through the water. Male sea lions weigh about 300kg, three times heavier than the females. The male sea lions are called a bull, the female sea lion is called a cow and the baby sea lion is called a calf.

POPULATION:                                                                                                                                                                  The Australian Sea Lion population is still decreasing, there is estimated there is only around 12,000 left in the wild. Of the 12,000, only 8,500 live around South Australian waters and around about 3,500 live around Western Australia's waters. The Australian Sea Lion is one of the rarest seal species in the world.

WHY AUSTRALIAN SEA LIONS ARE  ENDANGERED?                                                                                                     Australian Sea Lions are endangered because they are being hunted for their coat. Sea Lions are endangered because they get either killed or hurt from fishing equipment, ship collisions, net entanglements, human interference and minig activity. Also humans overfishing the sea lions prey, such as squid, fish and other sea creatures. Australian Sea Lions are now a protected species, but they are still in danger of becoming extinct.    


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